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VOICE Daily Deals Frequently Asked Questions

Fine Print for All Deals

Below is the fine print that applies to every VOICE Daily Deal, unless noted otherwise in a specific deal's fine print:

  • No cash back
  • Must use in one visit
  • Tax and gratuity are not included. Please tip on full value.
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion
  • Cannot use until day after the deal ends

What is a VOICE Daily Deal?

Each day one incredible deal is featured as the VOICE Daily Deal. The offer is only available for a limited amount of time, so make sure to check back frequently so you don't miss out!

How do I buy today's VOICE Daily Deal?

Click on the "Buy Now" button before midnight on the day the offer expires. Send the deal to your friends and tweet it, Facebook it or text it to everyone you think might be interested.

What happens after I buy a VOICE Daily Deal?

After you make a purchase, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail from VOICE Daily Deals. Immediately after your purchase, your VOICE Daily Deals voucher is accessible to download and print from the My Account page.

Once the deal has ended, take your VOICE Daily Deal voucher to the store or merchant any time before the expiration date to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

What if I want to use just part of the VOICE Daily Deal voucher and save the rest for later?

Sorry, you're going to have to use that sweet deal in just one visit. However, some merchants may be willing to work with you if this situation arises.

Do I need to use my VOICE Daily Deal the same day I buy it?

No! In fact, you cannot redeem your VOICE Daily Deal until the day after the deal closes. You have until the expiration date on the deal to redeem for goods and services.

For restaurant deals, am I able to use the voucher for alcohol?

Yes, you may use the voucher to purchase alcohol unless the fine print for a specific deal explicitly states otherwise.

If my name is on the VOICE Daily Deal voucher, can the merchant charge my account?

No. The merchant does not have your account information.

Is the transaction safe for me to use?

Yes. The transaction uses SSL and other industry standard security features to ensure that no one else has access to your credit card information.

When I gift the VOICE Daily Deal to a friend, will they have access to my account information?

No, on the VOICE Daily Deal voucher there is a record of the transaction, the purchaser's name, and the gifted consumer's name, along with a unique voucher code. The payment information is secure on a site that no consumer has access to.

Can I combine the VOICE Daily Deal with other offers the merchant might have presented previously?

No, each VOICE Daily Deal has its own terms.

Is an ID required to redeem my voucher?

This depends solely on the merchant. It’s always best to check before trying to redeem the deal if you have any questions about this situation.

What if the merchant does not honor the offer?

We go out of our way to vet each advertiser and make sure they live up to our high standards. On the rare occurrence that something happens, and you're not satisfied, feel free to e-mail customer service, and we will take care of the situation.

What if I miss the expiration date?

If you miss the expiration date on your deal, take heart, all is not lost! While the additional discounts are no longer available after the expiration date, the paid portion of the voucher will not expire until five years from the expiration date printed on the voucher, unless other extensions are required by law. In the rare case that the merchant will not honor the voucher after the expiration date, VOICE Daily Deals will gladly offer you a refund in the form of VOICE Daily Deal credits. Please send details of the situation, along with your request, to

We do not provide refunds or credits for events/concerts on or after the date of the event.

What happens if my voucher is lost or stolen?

Please contact customer support if you lose your voucher or believe it was stolen. We will need to alert the merchant to no longer accept this voucher and will assist you in redeeming some other way.

Are vouchers transferable?

Vouchers can be gifted via the My Account page. When this occurs, the new recipient’s name will show up on the voucher. It’s always best to check with the merchant if you plan on giving your already-printed voucher to another individual. Although in most cases this will not be an issue, some merchants may require an ID match.

How do I redeem a promotional code?

If you have not yet created a VOICE Daily Deals account, you can enter your promotional code during sign-up. However, if you already have an account, simply visit the My Account page and enter your code into the “Redeem Promo Code or Gift Code” field!

How do I redeem a VOICE Daily Deals credit?

All credits are automatically applied during checkout, so simply make a purchase! You can view your credit balance from the My Account page. However, occasionally we run deals where credits are not accepted.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept all major credit cards.

Can I purchase a voucher if I do not live in the United States?

Unfortunately we cannot process payments if you have an out-of-country address.

How many referrals can I make?

You can make as many referrals as you'd like; however, you are only eligible to receive one free deal per offer, and you must have at least three unique referrals in order to qualify for a refund.

Unique referrals are defined as purchases from different people. For example, if 3 different people follow your referral link & make a purchase, this will qualify you for a referral refund. On the other hand, if one user makes three purchases for the same deal, or two different people make a total of 3 purchases via your referral link, this will not qualify you for a referral refund. Each of the 3 referred purchases must be completed by different people. All purchases made using your referral link will be listed on your account page, but only unique purchases will count towards getting a referral refund.

What happens after I refer three friends?

Once three of your friends purchase the same deal using your unique referral link, you'll receive yours for free. Your credit card will be refunded for the amount you paid within 72 hours of the third referral purchase.

You can check the status of your referrals at any time from the My Account page. Next to each voucher purchased you will see a "Referrals" link which shows you how many people have purchased using your referral link, and whether or not your deal has been refunded. Please keep in mind that you must have 3 unique referrals in order to qualify for a refund.

I've lost my purchase confirmation e-mail. Where can I retrieve my unique referral link?

You can retrieve your referral links at any time from the My Account page. Next to each voucher purchased you will see a "Referrals" link which will display the unique referral code for each offer purchased.

When will VOICE Daily Deals be in my city?

Soon! Please sign up for our e-mail list, and we will notify you as soon as we begin listing deals for your region.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to email or send us a message via the Contact Us page. We can usually resolve all VOICE Daily Deals issues via e-mail; however, if you would prefer a call back, please be sure to include your phone number in the body of the message along with a call request. The VOICE Daily Deals team will be more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

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