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Today's Los Angeles Deal

$10 for $20 Worth of Food and Drink at Umami Burger (5 Locations)

$10 for $20 Worth of Food and Drink at Umami Burger (5 Locations)

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00:00:00 -323383719

Company Info

Umami Burger

(323) 931-3000 | Website


Umami La Brea

850 S. La Brea Ave.
L.A., CA 90036
(323) 931-3000
More Locations


Fine Print

  • Expires 1/15/2012.
  • Voucher cannot be redeemed until the day after deal closes.
  • May buy unlimited vouchers.
  • One voucher per person per visit.
  • See the fine print that applies to all deals.

Additional Information

Taking the art, science and sheer love of the burger to indulgent new heights, Umami Burger's stacked, complex creations landed them on Food Network's Best Thing I Ever Ate and had GQ magazine dubbing their signature offering "Burger of the Year".

Umami is the elusive "fifth taste": a delectably meaty, savory flavor found in foods like truffles, shiitake mushrooms, parmesan, and kombu. Umami Burger tops its prime-quality ground flap meat patties with these, plus umami-rich sauces and seasonings, to produce sensory-overload, borderline sensual bun-dles of joy. Faves like the lively Hatch Burger (with 4 types of green chilies and house cheese) and burly Manly Burger (topped with beer-cheddar cheese, smoked-salt onion strings and bacon lardons) are made into memorable meals by bountiful sides like Smushed Potatoes, Tempura Onion Rings, and unusually bold salads.

Valid at all 5 local Umami Burger locations, today's deal gets you $20 of their uniquely inspired food and drink for just $10 - that's half-off the very height of L.A. burger culture. Now there's no excuse for being the only one in the conversation who hasn't yet Umami-ed!

Click here for info on all 5 locations.


Click here to see what LA Weekly's Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold has to say about Umami Burger.

Click here to read reviews on Yelp!

Questions about this deal Question about the Deal? Ask it here.


7/19/2011 9:33am

HEY!!! So not fair! You had 14 hours left on the deal, PLUS you allowed people to buy unlimited vouchers....And then, 30 SECONDS AFTER I REFERRED THIS TO A FRIEND (and BEFORE I BOUGHT, mind you) it was SOLD OUT!! Total bummer. What gives??? Please let me know if you plan on doing this again any time soon... I've never been to Umami Burger but it must be absolutely fantastic, given it's already sold out.



7/19/2011 9:38am

Hi Kristina- Unfortunately there were a limited number of vouchers available for this deal, but we'll have a new deal up at midnight. Thanks!


7/19/2011 10:07am

I SECOND ALL OF YOU! SO BUMMED!!!! Lee-ann, midnight tonight for the same deal? YAY!!!



7/19/2011 10:30am

No, this will not be the same deal.


7/19/2011 10:34am

I suspect Umami closed the deal short because it was a losing proposition for them and not because they filled their quota.


7/19/2011 11:16am

pissed. don't offer a deal like this unless you or the vendor can handle the demand.


7/19/2011 1:55pm

Same here... Put two in my cart... it asked for payment... and then spit me out... Really disappointed... No, actually really pissed. I'l stick with Father's Office I guess...


7/19/2011 2:45pm



7/20/2011 1:57pm

So where is the New deal?



7/20/2011 2:00pm

Hi Christopher- our daily deal for Los Angeles is always available at As I mentioned in the comments above, there is not another Umami deal.


7/19/2011 9:40am

Why would you say there are 14 hours left and then as I am about to buy 2 certificates, it says there aren't enough deals left. I was also referred by a friend and now I can't buy the deal I registered for your site to purchase. What a scam. I have been to Umami and it is DELICIOUS! So good and worth driving to the West side for. Very disappointed in VOICE daily deals. I will unsubscribe as soon as I'm done with this.


7/19/2011 11:02am

Hello Maria. Our deals expire at 12:00 midnight. Umami burger provided us 750 vouchers to work with so it was a first come first serve basis. We do apologize we were not able to offer more vouchers. Our intention was simply to provide a good deal for a great place for our subscribers. We hope you stay as a subscriber to see what other amazing offers we have coming up in the near future. Thank you.


7/19/2011 9:48am

Probably would have been a better idea to place a limit on the amount of deals each member may purchase.


7/19/2011 11:26am

Ed, You are right we should have made clearer that the deal was limited to 750 deals. Obviously it's a great place since it was sold out so early. We are sorry that we couldn't offer more but that was the agreement we made with Umami. We knew it would be a good seller -- who knew it would go that fast. In hindsight, we should have limited the number of deals a person could buy but that would not have stopped it from selling out so quickly! The average sold was two per buyer so people did not gobble up 10 vouchers. Thanks for visiting our site and look for more great deals from us.


7/19/2011 9:51am

I second what Ed said. Most of these types of sites limit you to two or three vouchers per person. And also, in full transparency, Voice Daily Deals should have made it clear in the deal offer that there was a very limited number (only 750) of vouchers available for purchase.


7/19/2011 11:28am

Jason, You are right. Our apologies. As I responded to Ed, we should have made clearer that the deal was limited to 750 deals. Obviously it's a great place since it was sold out so early. The average sold was two per buyer so people did not gobble up 10 vouchers. Thanks for visiting our site and look for more great deals from us.


7/19/2011 2:37pm

It makes both you and Umami look bad... And leaves a bad taste in the mouth... (Pun intended) I'll tell you... I had never been to Umami and don't much feel like going now... Plenty of great burgers out there... Especially the ones off my grill made with grass fed beef from Novy Ranch...


7/19/2011 10:07am

Ditto Jason. If there is a limited number, you should state the number available and this limited, you should also limit the number purchased per person.


7/19/2011 11:34am

Thanks Darrell. Next time we will state the limit upfront. We certainly did not mean to upset anyone with this deal...just offer a great deal which apparently it is since it's sold out. Sorry for your inconvenience.


7/19/2011 10:08am

This post has been hidden pending staff review.


7/19/2011 10:09am

Agree with the lameness of this. Wouldn't be suprised if a few people bought 10 or 20 of these [or more]. Not only is it bad for us wanting to get in on the deal, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth [pun intended] for Umami Burger itself. Not sure how well spent their marketing dollars were on this one. I went once, wait was long and burgers were decent but not awe inspiring. Would have liked to use this to give it another shot.


7/19/2011 10:34am

@ Lisa - if you're here to complain about Umami, don't bother getting a voucher. You'll probably just complain again. Umami is on my top 3 burgers, if not the best in LA.


7/19/2011 11:32am

Lisa, We are sorry this deal sold out so quickly. And yes, we should have let everyone know that it had a 750 voucher cap. To clarify, we sold 750 deals to more than 340 unique people so people averaged around two per buyer. We did not sell oodles to just a few individuals. Please do not blame Umami for this. The only "crime" they have committed is offering such an awesome burger that people went viral with the deal and we sold them all out so quickly. I would still encourage you to go. It truly is a great burger and an awesome place! Thanks for your feedback.


7/19/2011 10:29am

I am calling each of the Umami Burgers and complaining about how LA Weekly handled this. To get that excited by an email and then to open it up and find this shit. Unlimited? What did they THINK was going to happen???


7/19/2011 11:41am

Owen, We are very sorry about this. We had a limited number for sale (750). We should have limited the amount people could buy ALTHOUGH we sold 750 deals to more than 340 unique people so people averaged around two per buyer. We did not sell oodles to just a few individuals. Please do not blame Umami for this. Umami is a great place as evidenced by how quickly it sold out. Please accept our apologies for your disappointment and inconvenience.


7/19/2011 10:31am

THIS IS WHACK!!! I got the email notification @ 6 AM. I checked around 10 and it's sold out. Why do you guys do this?!? Will you send the email @ midnight or at the same time the deal is posted as well?


7/19/2011 12:02pm

Mike, We send out our email early in the morning but we post the deal at midnight. Our assumption is most people are more likely to see the email in the morning rather than the middle of the night. Our deals run from midnight to midnight at this time. We apologize that it was sold out by the time you went in. I had the same experience. Our agreement with Umami was to cap the deals at 750. We knew it would be a big seller but had no idea it would sell out that fast. Please accept our apologies.


7/19/2011 11:00am

NOT handled effectively. Agree with posters who state the limit of 750 should have been clearly specified from the onset.


7/19/2011 11:06am

Agree. This was altogether bumbled and botched.


7/19/2011 11:56am

Heath, Our apologies. We should have clearly stated the cap was 750 up front. We will do that in the future to avoid people having this experience. Thanks for your comments.


7/19/2011 11:06am



7/19/2011 11:19am



7/19/2011 11:49am

Rob, Please accept our aopolgies for your obvious disappointment in how this deal was handled. We are sorry this deal sold out so quickly. And yes, we should have let everyone know that it had a 750 voucher cap. To clarify, we sold 750 deals to more than 340 unique people so people averaged around two per buyer. Please do not blame Umami for this. They are a great place which is why it sold out as fast as it did and I'm guessing you know that since you have been a loyal customer in their SM location. I would still encourage you to go. Thanks for your feedback and again we are sorry for your inconvenience.


7/19/2011 11:20am

LA weekly you need to indicate on the email that it is a limited amount of vouchers only - it may be obvious to many people, but waking up at 730 am and seeing it, one is a little groggy and might not pull the trigger right away - UNLESS it were to say, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. bad handling of a good deal.


7/19/2011 11:26am

Mel, we at the LA Weekly agree and apologize the deal has sold out. In hindsight we should have posted that there were limited quantifies available. In the future we will be sure to do handle differently. Thank you.


7/19/2011 11:24am

We apologize that the deal has sold out. Unami told us up front that we could only sell 750 vouchers. We were not expecting the demand we received for this deal and, in hindsight, should have limited the deal to one per customer and posted that there were limited quantities available. In the future, when we have a brand as popular as Unami, we will be sure to do this.


7/19/2011 11:24am

Agree!!! The number people could purchase should have been limited to 2-3 so more pople could enjoy this fantastic deal. Poorly handled on all sides. Bummer.



7/19/2011 11:50am

Jordanna, we apologize for the frustration. The only way we were able to bring this deal to everyone was by limiting the total quantity to 750. The average number of deals sold per person was 2. The next time we have a deal that we believe will sell out this quickly, we will definitely limit it to 1 per person. There are more great deals coming so we hope that you will stay tuned.


7/19/2011 12:57pm

Total fail on this deal. Unlikely I would bother trying to purchase anything through this site again.


7/19/2011 2:33pm

Well this sucks. And why is the "Time Remaining" still counting down? Just for lulz? Please someone just stop that timer, it's making this already-sold-out deal even more infuriating.


7/19/2011 2:47pm

This was terrible. You at VOICE Daily Deals should be ashamed!!!! This reeks of a scam! I'll stick with Groupon - at least they know how to handle these things!!!


7/19/2011 3:18pm

Further, you wrote this: "May buy unlimited vouchers" In other words, you lied. This is truly a bad situation.


7/19/2011 4:48pm

Hi, I bought 2 vouchers, but the email I got and the account only show 1 voucher, but my credit card has been charged for $20 ? will i get a 2nd voucher ? thanks



7/19/2011 4:57pm

Hi Mark, I have emailed both of your vouchers to you directly. Thanks!


7/19/2011 5:29pm

so whose error is this???? Umami or LA Daily??? you should have made it 1 per person if you capped it!!!


7/20/2011 1:47am

My friend and I went and eat in Studio city. We both have a voucher. Apparently, no servers know about this deal. We showed them the hard copy. But, even the manager didn't know about it. They eventually honored but just one voucher. We paid the difference and tipped for full amount. Pls follow up on this. I bought 8 vouchers bec my son loves Umami burgers and eat there @ least twice a week.


7/20/2011 7:29am

The voucher states "Voucher cannot be redeemed until the day after deal closes".



7/20/2011 7:53am

Hi Anna- The deal cannot be redeemed until the day after the deal closes, so any time from today onwards these vouchers can be redeemed. Thank you.

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